Salman Ali

Photo credit – Imad Ali

Member Profile: Founder Member 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi. A falconer first and everything else a distant second. Also very fond of hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, writing and photography.  “Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will!”

Vehicle #1: 1963 Jeep M-170 military ambulance

Purchased: 2002

Rebuilt: 2004

Engine: Toyota 2L-T 2.4 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel.

Gearbox: Toyota Dyna 5 speed.

Transfer case: Twin stick Spicer 20.

Front Axle: Dana 30, 4.11:1 R/P ratio, free wheel hubs.

Rear Axle: Dana 44, semi-floating, 4.11:1 R/P ratio.

Brakes: CJ-5 11” drums on both axles

Tires: Military style 7×15

Wheels: 15×7 factory steel rims

Suspension: Stock with BDL / Monroe shocks

Steering: Recirculating ball multilink

Lighting: European spec headlights 60/55W H4 bulbs; footwell, engine bay and under carriage worklights also

Sound system: Turbocharger mounted approx 3 ft from driver’s right ear

Other specs: Dual spare tyres,dual jerry cans, original two-piece military style fold-out split windshield, highest number of storage areas and tool boxes, double digit seating capacity

Vehicle #2: 1979 Jeep CJ-7

Profile: This Jeep was bought in 1997 from a friend whose wife said he could keep either her or the Jeep. So the good Samaritan that he is, he passed on the lesser burden to me. In September 1999, what started off as a month long paint job, ended up being a half-year long complete rebuilt, which saw the Jeep being stripped right down to the frame, and virtually every moving part was replaced. The only “old” part left at the end of the rebuilt was the frame, the body and the axle tubes

Engine: Toyota B, 3.0L 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated, indirect injection diesel

Gearbox: Toyota Land Cruiser, 5 speed, H-55

Transfer case: Toyota Land Cruiser, dual range with special 2 wheel drive low range option

Front Axle: Toyota Land Cruiser, closed knuckle, 4.11:1 R/P ratio, free wheel hubs.

Rear Axle: Toyota Land Cruiser, 3/4 floating, C-Clip, 4.11:1 R/P ratio.

Brakes: Dual circuit with power assist, discs with 4-piston calipers up front, 11”x 2.75” drums out back

Tires: Bridgestone 31×10R15 Desert Duelers.

Wheels: Mangel 5-spoke offset alloy rims.

Suspension: Rancho RS 9000’s 5-stage shock absorbers. Currie 2” lift greasable shackles, polyurethane bushings.

Steering: Saginaw power-assisted steering, 3.5 turns lock-to-lock. Momo steering wheel.

Lighting: Bosch off-road headlamps fitted with Sylvania Cool Blue 60/55W H4 bulbs; Hella 500 (100W) driving lights. Rear off-road lights 2×55W Hella lamps. Fully illuminated cabin, footwell, engine bay and under carriage.

Sound system: Pioneer head unit with cassette and radio, 7 band equalizer, Pioneer 3-way custom mounted 120W speakers

Other specs: Warn 8274 winch (8000 lbs load rated), custom built bumper and roll bar, K&N Filter Charger, Xenon 5” polyurethane fender flares, airconditioning, customized interior with front racing seats and rear bench seats, half doors, custom made full-top and bikini top.

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  1. Dear Salman Ali:

    Read all whatever you wrote. It was quite impressive, specially the last change of the ownership….was difficult for the poor guy to decide the lesser evil of the two.

    May Allah be with you always.



    Khawaja Mohammad Ali

    Cell: 0333-2104291

  2. The top half of the winch had fallen off halfway into the trip. If you look closely you can see the spool is still there. I think Salman had forgotten to tighten the bolts clockwise, coupled with one of those pesky boulders hidden behind smaller rocks.

  3. You are all wrong. I removed the winch for this trip because the Jeep was already reeling from severe cooling system problems (long story here, deserves its own page), and having that huge winch blocking the grill and radiator wasn’t exactly helping the problem. Nearly all the other vehicles were already equipped with a winch and I deemed it unnecessary to lug it along all the way to Ziarat.

    KO, the top half of the winch came undone 2 years before the Ziarat trip while on the way to Khunjerab. The gearbox just flopped open and it magically stopped rattling. Since the winch always rattles, I knew something wasn’t right and I think you also told us right then that the winch was about to spill its guts all over the countryside. Amazingly enough, no gears fell out; we even recovered all the bolts that fell off the housing.

  4. Salman, I’m very sorry to hear about your serious accident in your jeep. My prayers go out to the deceased—including your hawk. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


  5. bro can u help me with makeing a website like this one. i promised my boyz i wud make one but now need ur help. call me.

  6. Salman u r the best teacher in the shape of a friend and a brother, i wish u best wishes and sucess in ur life and all the happiness to you and your family.


  7. pl tell me if the toyota dyna 5 speed gearbox always has provision for attaching a 4×4 transfer case?does it have a plate for the purpose? am thinking of matching it with a toyota land cruiser 2.8 litre tranfser case . the vehicle has a 4 litre 4 cylinder hino diesel engine.

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