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    1. My name is Farooq, I have recently done with my M38A1. it has coaster gearbox. Gear shifting is bit harder, could you advice or can you give me the contact No or Cell No of Dr. Mansur since he has the same gearbox installed in his jeep may be he can give some advice.
      Regards Faroo Khan

  1. I am an old friend of Mr. Hamid Omer, named as Muhammad Jamal Khan, we worked earlier over mechanical projects for so long, i wanted to iqnuire about the contact details for Mr. Hamid Omer. i would be really grateful if you can provide

  2. Hello sir..I want to participate in the next trip… I luv jeeeps and off roading.. im from karachi

    Salman ghouri. ..
    Cell.. 03028255580. .. leave sms before call by new numberr….

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am 58 years of age and since the last 35 years have lived overseas, USA ,KSA Africa .

    While , I myself excelled in all of the above mentioned so competitive places and at each and every step I have lauded the brilliant Pakistanis achieving greater strides in the most world, and have seen and felt the greater longing for being recognized and honored as a Pakistani . But most of the time , the shameful clouds of our political mischief and back bitters and opportunist has always let us down.

    How you could have changed the picture of Pakistan had our lame GOV. backed you , but our Gov. wants to back out on original ideas and go for self riches opportunities, how can these politicians talk about benefiting the general masses, no never.

    My heartiest best regards to you and to your team.

    If there is someone , who can do something of such proportion and is known to you, then kindly let me know may be I can try to see if I can back them up.

    Best Regards Again.
    Sheikh Minhaj Ahmed

  4. Salam.. my name is Muhammad Osama and i’m from karachi. I’m tired and bored of my daily routine and want to go some place remote. I’hve been on pakistan tour 3times with my dad but this time i want to go some place which is far away,remote and dangerous. I dont own a jeep as em still just a university student.so is there any possiablity that i can tag along with ppl wo are going on a trip or planning for one.i will pay my share of expence

    1. Hi. I am Ryaen from London. I have plans to visit Hinglaj Temple and hingol national park along with couple of friends. It would be great if we get like minded local people in our trip to mingle with, preferably from Karachi and nearby areas.

  5. hi, if there is no registration or membership dues in joining your community, how can i get updates on your latest events and other notifications?

    1. hi Jan, do u wanna go on K2 trek cauz I am also looking for someone who is interested in it. If yes then reply.

  6. AOA
    interesting forum to watch/read, i live in Karachi and very fond of off road sports unfortunately i don’t know any one related with this sports here at Karachi, members are requested for following information
    is there any trophy truck available for sale in Pakistan and what its price
    is there any off road track at or near Karachi
    highly appreciated for your help
    thank you

  7. So iam planning a trip to Karchat, at Kirthar National Park. Probably on 25th Orctober, 2014. Any advices or suggestions?

  8. Can anyone please advise what is the best 4×4 for a long, on-road trip (not off roading) through Iran? I am told Land Cruiser but if anyone can give me any advice, specs, type of model, etc will be greatly greatly appreciated. If I need to call someone, I can do that too. I most probably will be asking more questions thereafter too, so I hope you’ll don’t mind. Thanks.

  9. Dont understand why you guys just stopped your activities on the web. it was wonderful reading the 4×4 experiences and adventures but there is no updates now.

  10. Hi there. My name is Wajahat S Khan. I’m a journalist / documentary maker with Dunya News & NBC. My number is 03332777999. I’m trying to do a show on the vehicles you guys feature, as well as the whole OR culture in Karachi. Can you please get in touch ASAP as I’m here for the next few. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone was interested in forming an ATV and Dune Buggy group in Karachi to go to places such as beaches and phase 8 etc. Please contact me if there is an existing group or if anyone is interested in forming one, thanks.

  12. Hello

    This is Prashant Shah from London (UK) I need some information regarding to Hindu Pilgrimage Place known as HINGLAJ MATA WHICH some were in Baluchistan we are group of travellers from UK need to organised a short pilgrimage tour I need transportation, accommodation and food arrangement can any one help me ???

    Thank you

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