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  1. hi there

    i like your jeep.

    i’ve seen it around defence. i am interested in the 4X4 club, but i cant find any contact info. any where.

    write to me if you need a new member,

  2. it sounds like you guys over there know what your doing with regards to rebuilding 4×4’s. i only run bronco2 stuff myself. i have a 1986 bronco2 that i bought in colorado u.s and drove back to nova scotia in 1998. Mine is basically stock but i tore out the 2.9l efi engine and rebuilt it /overbored it. it also has a custom(slightly illegal) exhaust. it has been the best little truck both on road and off , although a slight tendency to bust hubs. i was slightly taken aback when you said that yours had a lot of ?? body panels. i wish i could get my hands on some of those!!(the salt we put on the roads in winter eats steel alive) i will try and post a picture of my truck when i get a web- cam . keep on truckin’ in Pakistan

  3. Abid this is Adeel. i want my father to be a part of your club. he loves off-roading kindly advise me. how he can be a part of fun.

    waiting for your reply you know how to contact me.

  4. Hello guys,


    My name is Murad and I live in Chicago, USA. I own a 98 Toyota Land Cruiser that I love. I have been looking for a decals that goes on the side of Toyota 4Runner and or Land C (Side doors) or a while now, but no luck finding them here in USA. I saw these decals when I was in Pakistan long time ago. Some landlords with there Nissan Petrol, or Land C would have these on their SUVs. These decals have pictures of mountains or countryside of Pakistan.

    Do any of you Jeep lovers can tell me where I can find these Sahara Stickers (Decals)?




  5. Dear Mr. Omer,

    My comany is interested in arranging a 4×4 Rally from Karachi to Quetta and most probably even to Ziarat. Kindly contact me or Mr. Nadeem Jafar if your interested.


    Ph: 0300-9265254 Yahya Jaffar

    0300-8270934 Nadeem Jafar

  6. If you would like to see some more Bronco 2’s or need any info on them check out Broncoii.org.

    Nice truck, glad to see it gets used the way it was meant to be.

  7. Abid,

    YOu remember me – I was a part of RICE 87 and 1989 Indus Expedition. I really enjoyed your site …


  8. Shahzad Nazeer, I certainly remember you. You and Major Azam Jaffer (?) and the team did a great job coming all the way from Lahore (Ravi) and then down to Karachi on the Indus. Did you folks write any articles? Would be nice if you could post it here.

    Any more river expeditions?

    Some teams should be encouraged to come down the Indus – all the way. The 1978 -27 year old record of the longest recorded voyage down the Indus remains unbeaten. There were three attempts but each had to portage long distance due to lack of navigable waters. Would love to see some one improve the record! That is a challenge – any takers?

    KM Ali

  9. KM Ali – Thanks for your note.

    I am a frequent visitor to these sites. Being in Canada, I misses every minute I have spent doing such adventures in Pakistan.


  10. Hi Ali,

    Karachi Gang has proven record of great energy and passion for adventure, this site is also one example. Nice effort and very inspiring work.

    I hope you might able to recall me I was also part of RICE �85 (Shahzad it was not RICE �87 and Ali another correction, Azam retired as Col. Azam).

    Shahzad suggested me to upload few pictures and soon I will do with your permission.


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