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Khorwah Medical Camp – Views of Shakiba Shelley

One could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that a off road trip to set up a medical camp for the villagers of Pakistan would be a mixture of mosquitoes, no running water and intense heat.  THINK AGAIN !!!.

As an Angraise, I found the whole experience to be both, humbling and exciting.

The whole journey started off from the Founders of the ‘Off Road Karachi Club’, sumptuous house in Karachi.  A convoy of five robust but yet luxurious jeeps set off for fun and adventure.  More vehicles became added to our convoy at later stages.

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Khorwah Medical Camp

Photographs from offroadpakistan’s medical camp in the village of Khorwah, district Badin in Sindh. The group included doctors, veterinarians and volunteers from Karachi who were selfless in their efforts to give back to a community. Hand pumps were also distributed.

Photos courtesy afewmofilms.com. Click here for the photo gallery. Writeups of the camp are incoming: