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There’s no turning back once you’ve been Jeep-ed

Here’s is how it all started for me.

Ever since my childhood I’ve been riding in Jeeps and dreaming about them. After reading volumes of illustrated War history books, I spent hours in my uncle’s CJ-3A imagining myself to be a World War II soldier. A few years later my father bought my eldest brother his first Jeep. It was a Willy’s M38. I still remember that day; it was our very first Jeep.

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Yaseen Ali

Photo credit – Imran Khan Photography

Member Profile: Founder Member 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi. The youngest of the Mir brothers is an outdoors addict, long distance driver ready to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, avid photographer, sometimes hunter, party animal, resident tikka barbeque-ist, and above all, a Jeep aficionado since infancy. “I like my life in the city because it makes me long for the outdoors. I enjoy creature comforts but working on my Jeep on a Saturday afternoon has its own pleasure.” Continue reading Yaseen Ali