Khalid Omar

A 1952 M38 Willy’s military Jeep. This Jeep was bought by Hamid Omar in the 70’s from Lyari, where it was hauled behind a donkey cart to Shafi’s workshop. It has been rebuilt a number of times since then, and is tied with Taimur Mirza’s CJ7 for most work done on a jeep in Pakistan. It has now been handed on to his son. A 1951-2 M38, it is likely the only flatfender in Pakistan with an EFI engine.


Engine: 2LT-II – 2.4 litre turbo charged EFI diesel with the EGR removed. Custom Wiring Harness. Original Japanese radiator. Air filter from a new Toyota Hilux.

Purchased: 1970s (Re-built many times since)

Rebuilt: Almost Continuosly – last in Feb 2004.

Gearbox: Daihatsu 5 Speed Manual with on the fly 4×4.

Axles: Off a Daihutsu Rocky, with front disc brakes. 4.88 Differential ratio.

Tires: 31×10.5 Yokohama Geolander AT II + on steel rims.

Lighting: Hella european spec halogen headlamps with offroad H4 bulbs. One 300 watt Boeing light (meant for blinding buses and honda civics with 16 lights). BJ-40 signalling lamps.

Suspension: Adjustable Shock absorbers. Formerly RS9000’s which have now bit the dust. Custom stainless steel greasable shackles and u-clamps. Original M38 leafsprings. Nine way adjustable RS9000X shock absorbers on all four corners! Next update: A set of Rancho leafsprings

Other Specs: On the fly 4×4 shifting. CD Changer and Casstte player 7 5 speaker system. Air Conditioned with custom top. Power Steering. Extended fuel tank. Custom made roof rack,bumper and rollbar. Warn 8274 winch. Hood flares (for better cooling).

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  1. An internal valve broke in the RS9000’s. They work fine one way, but the other way they move freely. I am now going to put in Class 8 Monroe shocks used large trucks. Those should do the job! The problem with the Willy’s is that the wheel travel is more than the range of the shock, and there aren’t any shocks available which adequately cover both the compressed and extended length. Ideally, the shock mount needs to be higher up on the chassis or have more of an angle.

  2. hello from hamburg,

    you really have a nice rig! since i plan to modify my m 38, too i have some questions.

    is the groundclearence negativly affected by the new transmission?

    do i need an adapterplate between engine and transmission?

    whta is your fuelconsumption with the diesel?

    do you have a foto of enginecompartment? helps me to judge the effortt.

    a lot of questions and i apologize but your jeeps looks so great that wanna rebuilt mine youst the way your one is.

    for any information and fotos i am very very thankfull.

    happy jeeping

    greetings from hamburg germany


  3. i have a 85cj7 that im building and would love to put a diesel engine in it… i am finding trouble finding an engine that fits here in california… i own a ford superduty with a 7.3l turbo diesel engine and love the torque… what kind of stats does that 2.4l crank out? any info that u can give me would be really appreciative


  4. Hey Khalid,

    That is the Jeep i want?….can u give me an idea how much it would cost, with the specs u have & from where?…Will belooking fwd to hearing from yousoon.

  5. Salaam, This is Sam from Soni Motors Thailand ( Just wanted to congratulate on your cool rig. I’m wondering if any of your club members use Toyota Hilux Vigo as an offroad vehicle. I would like to document that on my website.

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