Jeep Gladiator


From ‘AutoBlog’:

Ah, yes, what a Jeep should be. I�m hoping that we are not only seeing what the next generation Wrangler will look like, but a true Scrambler off-shoot. Jeep hasn�t had a real pickup truck in a while and I think it�s time they got back into the game. Drop the goofy, rear view blocking spare tire, and we have a production vehicle here.

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  1. there is something about american cars and jeeps that has to be about the macho image that most guys would love to be associated with though not all might admit………….come on that has to be love at first sight, imagine a common rail diesel in that (since running a gasoline V8 is heavy on the pocket)

  2. I would like to receive more information about this car, inlcuding the price and where I can buy it in México…

    thank you

  3. I would like to receive more information about this car, inlcuding the price and where I can buy it in Italy

    thank you

  4. If one looks at the front view and compares it to the rear view, you see a small detail error. On the front view it looks like the second part of the door opens to the rear like a double cab. Note similar hinges to front door hinges on rear panel. On rear view showing spare wheel the panel seems to be slightly extended. Which would be the correct form? Whatever the errors the Jeep is awesome and brings back memories of the 1970’s Gladiators which were a favorite of mine.

  5. I love the look of this Jeep. My only complaints are that they haven’t talked about a four door model……crew cab. I hope that it is wide enough for 3 car seats. If they have these options, I know they’ll sell a lot more of them!

  6. I would like to receive more information about this car, inlcuding the price and where I can buy it in Italy. And if in Italy it is impossible to find, how could i do. Thank you

  7. I would appreciate more information on this truck, including when it will be released to purchase, and where I can look at it in person in my area. If at all possible it’s price and all options available. If you guys think this vehicle is awesome, so do some ladies!! Thank you for your time.

    Lannette Hauck

    Las Vegas, NV

  8. Please add me to this list. Very interested in purchasing one ASAP. Any details beyond mundane specs would be a great help. Thanks!

  9. I’ve heard it’s going into production as a 2007 model, keep pestering daimler chrysler to get this built as it’s displayed in concept-do not water it down!

  10. Chrysler shouldn’t think about it anymore just build it. The Gladiator will dominate the market. I would buy it today. Let me know how much it is and I will get my check book out.

  11. I Look this jeeb and i love it. So, please tell me about this jeep, price and otherinfo and tell me in Pakistan i where foundthis jeep.????

  12. Will there be a two wheel drive model. Will it have a gas engine.

    I would buy one as soon as it gets to the dealer if you have a model to sale. Jim Hackworth

  13. This Jeep gives off a retro vibe while providing a brand new design. The Jeep character is still felt, and the vehicle addresses some restrictions posed by other Jeep models. Overall, a simple effective design. Great, I love it.

  14. I like it!! The only thing I would change is the spare tire. I would stick with tradition and mount it on the tailgate.

    Aside from that, where do I sign?

  15. i would like to know more information abt this truck and ive been waiting for new product like that kind of jeep truck with rubicon 4×4 that come with v6 engine or v8 hemi engine ???? i would love to buy one in future but in past time they dont make anymore why why why why that what ive reallly wanna one kind of jeep truck 4×4 with rubicon unlimited everything in this truck please please can they make one like this kind truck with with rubicon 4×4 jeep thatcan add up with one ton axles on it …… that will be champ bad ass jeep truck ever ….. i bet if they make some that they will make alot money for selling that kind of new project jeep truck etc please let me know asap im really goal to have one come with rubicon unlimited 4×4 v6 or v8 hemi with one ton axles ….. emailme thanks …

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