Day 34: Multan to Sukker

by Dr. Mansur Ahmad

27th July 2000


The route to Sukker was through Ludhran and Bahawalpur then to Rahimyar khan and finally to Sukker. We left Multan by twelve in the afternoon and drove to the Pottery factory where the ladies had a good spend, the extra luggage was squeezed in the trunk. Multan is famous for its pottery and we enjoyed the tour of the factory. It was bright and sunny with the mercury registering at forty degrees. We reached the Lodhran bypass, which is still not complete, the condition of the road is very good upto Lodhran.

The first shop was at the Khan bela PSO pump, which has a good rest area and the bathroom is very decent. After filling up with fuel we set out towards Rahimyar khan, It was still very hot when we reached the crossroads at the Rahimyar khan Junction. The road works are still going on and many parts of the motorway are complete, there are also some parts where the work is in full progress. The condition of the roads have greatly improved in the past two years, hopefully the works will carry on till the whole of the country is connected with good roads.
It was dusk when we drove into Sind from Punjab, the setting sun with the misty orange hue in the distance gave the area a romantic touch. Driving across the country on these dusty roads listening to the angelic voice of Andrea Bortechille, and the picturesque surroundings, the dark green shadows of the tall trees against the orange hue of the horizon is quite an experience on its own.

We stopped at Ghotki for dinner and had dal and fried Gosht from the roadside café, the hot nans are simply exquisite. The Sukker barrage is a marvel of engineering and at night with the rows of yellow lights it looks quite spectacular. The old barrage road is closed now and the new bypass takes you to the city and to the road on the riverbank. We have always stayed at the Inter Pak inn when in Sukker and this time was no exception. The manager was very helpful and gave us the extra bedding that we needed even though it was way past midnight. The outside temperature was forty-six degrees in the night, which is average for this time of year. The room air-conditioning was very good and we were very comfortable all through the night.

Posted in Khunjerab 2000, February 26, 2004, by Dr. Mansur Ahmad

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