Visit to Deosai, June 29th

by Khalid Omar

Woke up at 5am, ate a hearty breakfast and left at 6:30am in a extended CJ-5 with a old Toyota B1 diesel engine with a 'silvertop' gearbox. Too late we found out that our driver was somewhat senile...

The drive to Deosai is beautiful. I've driven all over Pakistan, and this drive ranks as one of the best drives in Pakistan. In the plains itself, the lush green meadows stretch out all around, meeting the snow capped mountain tops surrounding the plains, and as you get closer to the mountains, the green grass climbs all the way up up the mountains, to right where the snow buries it.

Satpara lake is the most wonderful green color, and as the road climbs up and up towards the plains, the scenery gets better and better.

[pictures] Checkpost at entrance to Deosai: N35,0.5.352 E7514,686

Had tea at Bara Pani, along with fruit for lunch. Went on till Sheosar lake. Kept drizzling the entire way, and was freezing cold. The drive was amazing - the plain is lush green every which way, interpersed with flowers now and then. Saw three marmots on the way - damn cute!

After some time at Sheosar, headed back - it's a long drive, especially on the way back, and the rain had turned the road treachrous - and along with a mostly cracked driver, we had no wipers, so the driver was driving blind on hairpin turns while we shouted at him to turn left, right, and not drive off the cliff.

The fruit made me violently sick, and back at the Indus Motel the staff knowingly said, we told you not to eat the unripe fruit, it even gives us undigestion. A bit late for the adviceā€¦

Posted in K2 Base Camp Hike, May 2, 2008, by Khalid Omar

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