Day 9: Goro II to Concordia

by Khalid Omar

It's a frozen wasteland out there - yesterdays snowfall has further frozen the already frozen landscape! Left Goro II at 8am, it's a long walk to Concordia from here, so our porters grumbled quite a bit at our late departure.

There is a lot of exposed white glacier on this part of the trek, and at times we walked through ice sharks, exposed fins of ice stretching up to 50 meters up, called ice sharks as some of they look similar to shark fins. The wind and snowfall carves the ice into fantastic shapes, so it was a veritable museum of ice shapes on the way!

There is a army check post on the way to Concordia, just 20 minutes short of the main camping grounds. The two army jawans posted there were sitting on the path, waiting for us - they had spotted us miles back and had figured only Pakistan's would be travelling so slow and with so few porters! Had a long talk with them, general gup shup. Everyone is friendly out here, so far from normal everyday contact with other people.

They invited us for tea, but we had to refuse as we were already running late, and no one wanted to do the extra walk to the army camp and back!

On the way to Concordia we met a couple of groups heading back - they had turned back from Concordia without even glimpsing K2, as the snowfall we had experienced on the way to Goro II had been fiercer at Concordia, and become a total "white-out". Bad luck, but they were glad just to have made it all the way to Concordia.

One of the group members was in a very bad way, could barely see and walk and was being led by a guide and porter back down. It was a sobering reminder of altitude sickness...

Arrived a little after 3pm at Concordia. As luck would have it, just as we were getting closer to Concordia, the storm clouds dispersed, and when we got to the campsite itself there were just a few fluffy white clouds on the fringes of the horizon.

N35 44.70 E76 30.634

Posted in K2 Base Camp Hike, May 4, 2008, by Khalid Omar

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