Day 14: Khoburtse to Paiju

by Khalid Omar

14/7/07: This was another long walk -we left 7:45am from Khoburtse, and arrived 3pm at Paiju.

The Baltoro glacier ends just before Paiju, and as we left it and looked back, the exposed face is visible, with the underside melting away in a roar of water - it's a staggering amount of ice!

Met a swiss team at Paiju, who is here to summit all four 8000 meter peaks in the Baltoro glacier! Their group leader / capitan is Mike Horn -

Met Sharif, rescue master & guide. He conducts a one month course in rescue operations and more, funded by a Canadian NGO.

Asad cooked cooked aloo ka salaan for dinner, was nice. He managed to barter some potatoes from another group. The other dish was our regular daal/chaawal combo!

A climber died at Gaserbrum 1 basecamp from a heart attack, so there was lot of talk in the campsite about that. The porters know everything happening along the entire Baltoro - which team has reached where, which climbers are overusing their porters and not doing enough climbing themselves, who is planning what, and so on. Every time a local summits, they all celebrate - but generally that doesn't happen often, as the high altitude porters generally just go till the last camp to dump stuff, then head back down.

Tonight was a big day at Paiju, as many groups were camped here tonight - so there was a big song and dance after dinner.

Posted in K2 Base Camp Hike, May 4, 2008, by Khalid Omar

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