Day 10: Concordia to Broad Peak Base Camp

by Khalid Omar

Concordia has the best views of the entire trek - I got up in the morning and just looked around for a while - finally understanding why it's called the "throne of the mountain gods". It is spectacular beyond words, and pictures don't do it justice. Don't take my word for it, go there and see for yourself!

We started walking early in the morning, and just an hour into the walk Asad's knee gave way. It had troubling him since Paiju where he had fallen into a river and bashed it on a rock, and the steep inclines from Concordia onwards were too much. We had a powwow, and Atif and Asad decided to stay at Concordia, while the rest of us went onwards to base camp. We spent an hour debating, than sent their stuff back with them, and moved onwards.

Reached Broad Peak base camp in the evening, and as were looking for someplace to camp, met Nadir Ali Shah of Nazir Sabir Expedition. He gave us a 2 hour overview of the entire mountaineering scene in Pakistan, and helped us clear out a spot on the glacier for our tent. It turned out we had come just the right time, as tomorrow was the Agha Khan's fiftieth coronation anniversary and there was going to be celebrations and feasting - and we were invited!

We are camped on top of the Godwin Austin glacier. The tent is right on top of the ice, with no insulating rocks, so it is damn cold.

It's strange, even after spending so many days on the ice to be sleeping directly on ice, with just a super thin mat beneath! When we were shopping in Skardu for mats, we bought the cheapest desi ones, for 100 and 150 Rs a month - and after a few days when they started falling apart the 100 rupee mat ones were wishing they had least bought the 150 rupee one, while the 150 rupee mat ones were dreaming for the 300 rupee mats!

While we were shivering at basecamp, Asad and Atif were nice and warm:

Atif's diary from Concordia, where he and Asad had stayed back at the Army camp:

Asad has very bad condition with his knee. The soldier were very helpful, they provided us a campsite next to their camp, and served us energy drinks, and when we went back to our tent at night gave us sleeping bags for the night.

Capt. Hassan offered us to come to the Army Camp at 5pm to have dinner and to watch a film. After that me and Atif went to their camp and had tea. Asad sang many a song, and Capt. Hassan appreciated a lot and together they sang many songs!

Finally we started watching a Indian movie (a very sorry movie it was) and than we watched "Hard Target". After that moved to our own tent, and slept in the army provided super sleeping bags, which worked a lot better than our own!

We woke up next morning and had Paratha, jam and tea for breakfast with Zafar.

Posted in K2 Base Camp Hike, May 4, 2008, by Khalid Omar

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