And we drive off to Skardu, June 26th

by Khalid Omar

The day dawned bright and clear, and after hearing so much about how often the flights to Skardu got canceled, we were relieved at the almost cloudless day. Rolled up to the airport, got boarding passes, and sat about in the lounge, staring at the Skardu bound plane being prepared right outside the waiting room window. Murphy (or was it the weather) struck at the last minute - the flight got canceled, and there we were, stuck without an alternative!

After debating for a while about what to do, made a few phone calls and rented a Hiace van to Skardu, and set off at 12:30pm from Rawalpindi on the Motorway - very little traffic, fast going. The towns along the way:

We potter around for a bit, than our guide Baqar arrives, and we settle down to a long talk with him. We still have to buy the food, and various kitchen items, as well as deal with porters and what not, so that took up the entire day.

The next day spent buying various supplies, sleeping mats, finalizing the porters - all the nitty gritties. There is a Comsats internet cafe in Skardu with decent internet access.

Posted in K2 Base Camp Hike, May 2, 2008, by Khalid Omar

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Rahat Latif on May 19, 2010 12:05 AM

though i m a grt admirer of your travelogue, but may i draw ur attention on some points need-amendments/corrections. 1:22 pm: its is Burhan interchange not Durhan Gilgit-Skardu distance is 190-195kms i hope this would help acquiring more info about this trek in the near future regards

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