The following are two of our longer trips, published diary style. For other trips, see the trips category here.


K2 Base Camp Hike

A hike long in the planning, 5 of us set out from Skardu to hike to Concordia "the mountrain throne room of the gods" & on to K2 base camp and back.

The following are the notes from the diary I kept during the trek, with more details to follow later on.

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Khunjerab 2000

The Khunjerab pass is the highest point of the Karakoram highway and the border between China and Pakistan. Although the actual pass isn't that long it encompasses some of the most impressive mountain scenery in the world. This was a 35 day long trip from Karachi to the Khunjerab Pass and back again.
by Dr. Mansur Ahmed

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Neza e Sultan

A 10 day trip through the Baluchistan desert up to the Afghan border near the small town of Nok Kundi, to explore the area for the volcanic rock pillar that is mentioned in the gazetteers as the Koh-e-Sultan.
by Dr. Mansur Ahmed

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These are longer accounts of some of our journeys. They are daily accounts, with a seperate entry for each day.




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