Indus River Expedition 1978

This is the first succesfully completed boat journey down the River Indus from Amb to Karachi. The total trip covered 3000km, at an average of a 100km per day.

The journey took 30 days, it was done in November/December of 1978. The team members were Hamid Omar, Naem Omar and KM Ali.

The fiberglass boat was purpose built (extra reinforced) for this journey. The hull was double reinforced fibreglass, and the woodwork was done by the members with the help of local craftsman.

The engine was a Chrysler 20hp outboard. On the way at the villages and boat crossing points where we would camp, we would go on camels or bullock carts to fetch fuel for the next day. Wherever we would stop, the locals were most hospital and would invite us over to a grand feast.

The tents and boat canopy was stitched by the wives of the members. The tent was a basic design. Before this expedition took place, the three team members, accompanied by their wives, went on a road rekke trip following as close to the river as possible to chart out the route.

The few photographs takem were in the calm portion of the river. In the areas where there were rapids naturally no photography was possible, or even thinkable. So when the members now look at these pictures they miss the exciting moments on the trip.

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Expedition Members: From left, Naeem Omar, Hamid Omar and K.M. Ali

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