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Topping up fuel near the Hingol Bridge Obeliks in Hingol The Red Truck and the Green Jeep. Stopped at the Park office en route The open road Mr. Mawaz and the Ford F1 NOW IT'S THE MOST POWERFUL, BEST LOOKING, OFF-ROAD CAPABLE FORD F1 that you are looking at! While others were consulting on the route to take Ford F1 (1948) in the Hingol Valley Heading up the dry river bed off Hingol river for Goran Gatti Water from THE TAP On the KKH Photo stop Minor landslide being cleared on the Karakorum Highway A tent village near Battagram On the Thakot bridge over the river Indus On the way to Besham Ford F1 with a newer model Ford SUV Group Photo at Lahore Ford F1 on the N5

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