M38-A1 Jeeps available at Ghani Mills

There are 15-20 ex-army M38-A1’s available at Ghani Mill Godown in Karachi. They are original Army color, fresh from Auction with NO RUST.

Buy an engine with gear box complete from Shershah and first get it mechanically functioning, and get the wiring etc done then re-paint outer shell to your choice color.

July 8, 2007, by Taimur Mirza | Comments (19)

Best 4x4's of All Time

Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-road magazine July ‘97 issue ran a feature story on the best 4×4s of all time. Drum rolls… and the list is:

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July 8, 2007, by Khalid Omar | Comments (3)

A Willys Jeep v.s Isloo mud

Fahad wrote in from Islamabad: “My jeep got stuck in Rawal dam & it took three days day & night effort & finally with the help of Col.Ikram (Pak Army) by the help of chain cuppy we pulled it out of that slushy mud. The clutch plate had slipped, I restored it again & beauty is back on the road.” It was truly, deeply stuck, as the pictures below show:

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July 8, 2007, by Khalid Omar | Comments (22)

CJ7 rescues Hummer H2

H2 being winched out by TM's CJ7

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July 8, 2007, by Imad Ali | Comments (16)

Jeep Rebuilders Redux

There are a few Jeep workshops in Karachi who do world class restoration work. I had known that many of their jeeps from Karachi end up abroad, with one great example in the Smithsonian Museum in the World War II section, and another in the New York Museum of Arts. Recently I found out that there was even a documentary made by an American channel about the local jeep rebuilders:

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July 8, 2007, by Khalid Omar | Comments (4)

Jeep Gladiator

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July 8, 2007 | Comments (23)

Jeep Hurricane Concept

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July 8, 2007 | Comments (28)

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