Help OffroadPakistan's Flood Relief

by Hamid Omar

Handed out food packages

OffroadPakistan and friends have put together an effort to help people effected by the floods in Pakistan. We are providing relief ourselves (delivery and distribution) in Sindh area. Right now it's food and essentials and temporary shelter. Next we would support run a refugee camp (our choosing of location) providing food, water, medicines/medical camps, clothing etc. Later help some really needful families to rebuilt their homes etc.

Since we are not an NGO, we have got the help of Behbood Association (local NGO) working far last 35 years - they have set up a separate account for us, they will manage, supervise and audit for us.

If any one wants to help contribution can be sent to this account (details here)

Please pass it on to friends!

Hamid Omar

Life is miserable with everything under water from the flood OffroadPakistan working together with Behbood

To find out more check these out:

Submerged house in Jamshoro Happy to have received food enough for two meals. One of the many tent cities Photo by Ali Khurshid for OffroadPakistan There is water everywhere, and this water will stay a while

Posted in Blog, August 26, 2010, by Hamid Omar

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Karachi's Situation on February 8, 2011 1:10 PM

Well this is really nice effort and I'll definitely pass it on to my friends.

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