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Hot under the Bonnet

The following article is the elaboration of a post that I made in the forums a while ago. My good friend KO insisted I turn it into a tech article as a reference for those who are not regular visitors around here.

Proper cooling for an engine is like oxygen for us – you don’t care about it until you’re not getting enough of it. That’s why cooling systems tend to go unnoticed until something bad happens, usually accompanied by a lot of huffing, hissing and steam. Continue reading Hot under the Bonnet

Imad Ali

Bitten by the automotive bug even before I learned how to drive, I am known chiefly for spending as much time tinkering around under the hood and under the jeep as I do in the driver’s seat.

Vehicle: 1979 Jeep CJ-7 (currently awaiting resurrection)

Purchased: 1997

Rebuilt: June 2000

Engine: Toyota B 3.0L naturally aspirated diesel

Transmission: Toyota H55F 5 speed manual

Transfer Case: Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser with 2 Lo option

Front Axle: Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser, 4.10:1 R/P ratio

Rear Axle: Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser, 4.10:1 R/P ratio

Brakes: Front discs with 4-piston calipers and rear drums

Tires: Bridgestone Desert Dueler 30×10.50 on 15×8″ alloy wheels

Suspension: Stock CJ-7 leaf springs with RS 9000 adjustable shock absorbers. polyurethane bushings.

Steering: Saginaw power-assisted recirculating ball. Momo steering wheel.

Lighting: Bosch off-road headlamps fitted with Sylvania Cool Blue 60/55W H4 bulbs; Hella 500 (100W) driving lights. Rear off-road lights 2×55W Hella lamps. Interior and under-body worklights.

Sound system: Coming soon with twin turbos

Other specs: Warn 8274 winch (8000 lbs load rated), custom built bumper and roll bar.

Coming soon: Twin turbo 2JZ-GTE swap, anti-roll bar, 32″ tires, custom suspension, new shock absorbers, weight reduction.