Day 16: Jhola to Askole, and back to Skardu

Left Jhola just before 7am, arrive Askole at 1:45pm. After so many days of walking had finally toughened up, and me and Khiz made it to Askole before our porters, despite our many breaks along the way.

The trek is now over! Just have to negotiate a jeep back to Skardu, and settle with the porters. Our guide will be going back with us to Skardu.

Spent an hour negotiating with the porters, then finally settled and paid them off. In the meantime we found an empty jeep heading back to Skardu, negotiated a good rate and set off at 3pm for Skardu.

We stopped at Shigar Fort for dinner en route – the hotel manager gave us a tour of the entire fort, including all the suites – it’s an amazing place, possibly the best hotel getaway in Pakistan. It’s run by the Agha Khan foundation, and the restoration work on the fort is nicely done.

Dinner was great, a big change from daal chaawal! Expensive, but well worth it.

Set off once again, finally arrived at Indus Motel at 11pm, where Mhd. Nazir seemed a bit surprised to see us back, still in one piece with no complaints. He questioned us about the trek – I think he was checking to see if we actually went all the way or tuned back halfway.

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  1. Wonderfully written by you. I did this trek in 2003 as part of an Italian mountaineering expedition, though the opposite way and started from Askole and went to Gasherbrum I & II and later to Broad Peak and after three months in the mountains went to Hushe passing through Concordia and Gondogoro La.

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