M38-A1 Jeeps available at Ghani Mills

There are 15-20 ex-army M38-A1’s available at Ghani Mill Godown in Karachi. They are original Army color, fresh from Auction with NO RUST.

Buy an engine with gear box complete from Shershah and first get it mechanically functioning, and get the wiring etc done then re-paint outer shell to your choice color.

21 thoughts on “M38-A1 Jeeps available at Ghani Mills”

  1. Wow.. jeepS available ?

    Please please please … tell me any contact number you have i want to visit them ASAP.

    Thanks and please keep posting such updates



  2. Hello there

    I have seen your websit is very good . I need one beautifyul complete finish jeep for my younger brother if any body knows about Jeep so please inform me .

  3. dear aamir khan ,

    i be interested in looking at ur wrangler if u still have it ?

    by any chance, r u the same person i met in pahase 8 offroading on sunday some time ago ?

    and i test drove ur jeep ?


    humayn khan

  4. Dear Readers. I live in Canada and have been looking to import a Jeep War model from Pakistan, with a gas engine (petrol). I am willing to have it rebuit in Pakistan, complete with jungle colours and para phenalia. Your suggestions are welcome . Thanks.

    Please keep doing what you guys are doing . Great site. Loved these pixs. Brought so many memories of good times and home.

    Asim Khan

    Mississauga Ontario Canada

  5. Dear Readers,

    I bought an M38A1 on the 3rd of May with a program to restore it but i cannot find its original parts and a good mechanic here and every mechanic in town is telling me to convert it to diesel which i am not willing to do.It is having its original petrol engine with three speed transmission with all seats, half windshield and perfect body and chassis.It had minor denting and painting done by me.If anyone is interested in buying it please e-mail me. I can send you its pictures and also my demand.I have the auction voucher issued by the army and the relevant NIC copy of the original buyer.

  6. Dear Taimur Mirza.

    I read your blog post very very late.

    Can you guide me for such kind of jeep building now???

    Will be obliged greatly.



  7. salaam i v seen ur website am intrested 2 buy m38 so plz teme wen nd wher i can c jeeps ma number 03009277365 or mail me ! do lemme know as soon as posible thnx

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