Jeep Rebuilders Redux

There are a few Jeep workshops in Karachi who do world class restoration work. I had known that many of their jeeps from Karachi end up abroad, with one great example in the Smithsonian Museum in the World War II section, and another in the New York Museum of Arts. Recently I found out that there was even a documentary made by an American channel about the local jeep rebuilders:

bq.. Hello!!

Great website….

A few years ago I watched an American program on tv about someone in Liyari who restores 4 by 4’s…..

He has buyers all over the world…In that speciifc program a represetative of Willys was visiting from either UK or USA for an inspection. He spent 2 days on the restored Willys to find out if every part is authentic…….and was satisfied………

I would really like to meet this man in Liyari who restores these 4 by 4’s with such precision…..Can you help please??


Sumair Abro

That person was most likely Dawood, who restored many jeeps which went abroad, but he passed away a few years ago. His son is still carrying on tradition at the same workshop. Salman Ali replied to Sumai:

bq.. Dear Sumair,

There were only two people in Lyari who restored military model Jeeps to their original condition, Dawood and Shafi. The latter is still alive and now has more of a supervisory and advisory role in his workshop, as he is quite old. The former passed away a few years ago, but his works can still be seen in the Smithsonian Museum.

His sons are still there in Lyari, but they have a long way to go before they even get close to Dawood’s quality and workmanship.

There is another mechanic in Lyari, his name is Aslam aka Long-haired Aslam. He is a Rastafarain, and one of the up and coming restoration artists there.

Currently, your best bet would be either Shafi or Long-haired Aslam.


Salman Ali

These workshops are famous enough that anyone in Lyari should be able to direct you to them. The best way to get there is to take a local taxi or rickshaw.

Now, the real question is how to get hold of that documentary! Sumair, if you read this, please post the channel/program you saw this on. (he left a wrong email address)

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4 thoughts on “Jeep Rebuilders Redux”

  1. yaar i am looking for a williys MB is it possible to find it in Pakistan. and who is the best person who can restore it to it origenal. can i have there address and phone number. PLEASEzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. hi

    i am also a jeep fan and i recently converted a wrangler 94 on to a diesel engine as it had a 4.0 and sold it to my friend . The master craftsmen i know is Aslam Dawood i would like to get his number pasted on this site


    work shop# 2527857

  3. I would like to know the contact numbers of Shafi or Long-haired Aslam ? or atleast the location where i can found them in Lyari ?

    funds ready and i want to have jeep please rush.. before spend them agan on my fishing trips.. help….



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