CJ7 rescues Hummer H2

!(big)http://offroadpakistan.com/images/2006/h2_winched_out_by_cj7.jpg 475×315 (H2 being winched out by TM’s CJ7)!

For those who weren’t there, I took this picture last Sunday, 21st May, out in Phase VIII, only about a half a km from where Karachi’s aspiring rally drivers were launching their 4×4s into the criss-crossing offroad trails in the empty plot that will be the venue for next Sunday’s rally, supposedly the first of its kind in Karachi.

A multitude of Land Cruisers, Patrols, Pajero Evolutions, Wranglers, Jimneys and various other 4×4s had come out to get a feel of the place, running up and down the trails and trying not to run into each other. Meanwhile, this 2005 Hummer H2 was at the other end of the still unpaved road milling about a couple of dunes. Apparently, the big boy didn’t want to play with the all the other leaner and meaner machines out there.

Back at the rally point, someone in the crowd that had assembled there suddenly drew attention to the lone Hummer stranded away on the distance churning up angry showers of sand this way, then that way. A few minutes later, with the Hummer well and truly stuck, the sand stopped flying and the occupants came out wondering in amazement as to how the unstoppable had become mired in the lowly sand of Phase VIII. As other vehicles passed by one by one, a few began making the detour to take in this rare sight. Taimur Mirza was then heading towards the rally point himself in his Jeep CJ7 when this small gathering, with the haplessly high centred Hummer as its crown jewel, caught his eye. Being the Good Samaritan that he is, TM stopped to see if he could lend a helping hand, or in this case, as it would be, a helping winch. No stranger to pulling such rescues out in the Phase VIII area, TM is considered by many an avid offroader to be their guardian angel.

First, TM hooked up a tow strap to the mired Hummer and tried pulling it out, but its heft just proved too much for the Jeep, itself no lightweight. Realising that trying this again would only make the Jeep dig in too, TM broke out the big guns – the 12,000 lbs rated Toyota winch gracing the front bumper of the Jeep. Of course, since this also required that the Jeep be pulling back as well, lest the winch drag the Jeep right up to the Hummer’s rear bumper, Dr. Mansur assumed driving duties while TM waited outside with the winch controller in hand. Ready or not, the winch proved just far too much for even the Hummer and yanked it right out.

But wait, our story doesn’t end here (just a little longer now)… the Big Boy’s pride was obviously hurt. How dare a lowly sand dune put up such resistance to the Big Bad Granddaddy of all offroad machines? So the Big Boy backed up a few feet and lunged again head first into the exact spot from where he’d been pulled out moments earlier. As one can imagine, the result was no different this time, but he was able to back out under his own power. Then he went back at it with a longer run up. Finally, all 6.0 litres of V8 fury came out clawing and biting at the sand, throwing all 6400 lbs of the beast right through the dune rather than over it. As if to add insult to injury, in the Hummer’s wake was Omar Salim in a beat-up, fresh-off-the-auction-block CJ7 with nothing more than a raspy sounding 2.8 litre 4 cylinder diesel, which ambled up and scooted right over the same dune without much drama at all, not once BUT TWICE!!

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  1. Been there… dont that… got stuck just like this guy. ( jeep used LC 40 series 1982 ) Some of these mini dunes on phase 8 can be quite brutal. Fortunately I managed to do this on a lonely weekday with no one nearby with a camera. Unfortunately I had to walk the rest of the way to the construction sites to beg & pay one of the big CATS to drag me out of that mess. Moral of the story: scout your approach 1st, reduce tire pressure, get diff locks.

  2. A very old Jeep repairing workshop is located in North Nazimabad, a very old man(70 years) repair and made modification in Jeeps, people from Azad Kashmir & Baluchistanare coming here for purchase/ modification in their Jeeps.

  3. But when Willys M-38 got stuck.Even the tractors cant pull it out.I have been into a situation at Rawal dam & it took three days to pull my jeep out of it.Three tractors got stuck trying to pull the jeep out.

    My wenc got broken but finaly chain kupy works.I send the Pics taken from my mobile to Khalid & Imad.I will appriciate if the same will be added here as well.


    Fahad Ali



  4. @Faad Ali…………….What is the address of that Jeep Mechanic in North Nazimabad????Could you kindly give me his address and telephone number, if any.

  5. Happened to me too at the same spot about 5 years ago, with

    my range rover. I was a newbie in those days and had no idea

    of sand driving. So when the diffs hit the sand, there was nothing

    that could move the vehicle.

    Had to walk all the way back, get shovels, and essentially dig

    the vehicle out. By taking out sand from underneath the diffs

    and making gentle slopes for the tyre to easily haul themselves

    up. Took about an hour.

    Moral of the story: you cant learn sand driving the easy way :-)

  6. Hmm, I will be out there Sunday…and after seeing the pics and reading comments now am praying that I dont get stuck! but then its all part of the thrill of off roading..right guys ?

  7. well guys !

    this is the second time i m seeing that BIG GUY stucked. it happend when i was with freinds gathered in a desert outside the city Riyadh. we had very much fun racing in normal sand of that desert. the Hummer (2003) driver while trying to perform some maneurvers got stuck in the sand. then my freind having Land Cruiser II 4800 cc V8 came for help we just hooked it from the front with the electronice winch of the landcruiser, and at the first attempt it was released from that sand.

    but my peception about the Hummer NOW is that it is a totalll flopped 4×4.

  8. well first of all who was the jack ass driving this janaza……..

    this vehicle is for road cruising only do urself a favor and dont take this for offroad……

    there is only one jeep…………………….

    rest r creep


  9. haha umer saleem tryin to be a offroader ov pakistan ..haha i will luv to met dats man cause he is host ov high octane i wll say to him plz its anit kids job jus drive cars jus street raceoffroadin its aint fo kids

    ” as i enjage ma 4X4 and tear the rocks apart u kids be stunn like u hav never seen dats art ”

  10. There is an old saying: “chullo bhar paanii men doob mar” which roughly translates as: “drown in a handfull of water”.

    Seems appropriate here!

  11. Excellent picture and great description of the fact. Off road driving specially Sand requires lot of battle wounds and experience. It can be a v8 Hummer or a 4 cylinder Suzuki. In my case all the experience came from only when I got stuck. In sand you always want to keep momentum. The moment you realize you are getting stuck you stop right there and take your foot off the gas and don’t dig your self any deeper because you don’t want the belly to touch the ground. Hitting the gas peddle is not gonna get you out any faster but will only dig you deeper. Get out and see which wheels are getting stuck and than take sand out with your hands or shovel if you have one. Now lower the air pressure to 15 PSI and you will come right out but do it all slowly. If you have only 2 wheels drive than lower the air pressure from only those tires that got stuck. Lowering air pressure to 15 PSI even works great in 2 wheels drive SUVs but no recommended. Driving a 4×4 efficiently in Sand is a talent not a privilege.

  12. i dont have any comment, b/c i dont have any experience of ofroading, but i must say that the comments are very intresting especially KO’s.

  13. I have worked at the Hummer H2 Assy Plant and Hummer is a pretty good offroader if you know what you are doing. But don’t get it high centered, it will get you stuck. The truth is, nothing beats a Jeep. I am not saying that because I work at Jeep now, I have taken Jeeps offroad and the are excellent rock crawlers.

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