Cholistan Rally 2006

There’s a rally being held in Cholistan, organized by the TDCP. For those going from Karachi it’ll be a five day event, from March 9 to 13, 2006:

  • Thursday: Khi to Bahwulpur
  • Friday: Sightseeing
  • Saturday: Recce of Rally Route
  • Sunday: The actual rally, then prize giving in the evening.
  • Monday: Back to Khi

The rally distance is 230kms distance, with a 10,000 rupee entry fees.

For further details, contact TDCP directly.

Dawn had a short piece on the rally:

bq.. MULTAN, Feb 4: Organizers of the second desert jeep rally have finalized dates from March 10 to 12 to hold the mega sport event at historical Derawar Fort in Cholistan desert, Bahawalpur.

He said some 100 pairs of adventure-hungry drivers from across the country were expected to brave the odds of a sandy route, more or less 240-kilometre long.

Participants, he said, would reach Bahawalpur for technical inspection of their vehicles by experts on March 10. They would later take a round of the city in the form of a motorcade to inform the people about the event.

On March 11, they would leave for Cholistan desert to acquaint themselves with the race route. After spending a night in tents, the first vehicle would leave with a formal flag off signal on March 12 at 7am and others would follow after every three-minute interval. The vehicle taking minimum time in covering the distance would be the winner.

“We expect the race would conclude in five hours in case of 100 participants. There will be a colourful prize distribution ceremony at Derawar Fort around 4pm.”

The race would begin from south-western side of fort and conclude at its south-eastern side, making it a round-shape route. Last year, it was an oval-shaped route.

Ordinary participants would be charged Rs10,000 fee and Rs25,000 in case of a company-sponsored vehicle, he said. Registration forms would be made available after Ashura and people would also be able to download them from the TDCP website.

…To give the event a cultural touch, arrangements would also be made to set up a craft bazaar with the help of NGOs and to arrange a musical programme. A food street would also be set up where people from all income groups would be able to buy food.

Service vehicles equipped with first aid boxes and equipment and rescue teams would be around to help drivers and navigators in case of any emergency. Drivers and navigators had been advised to wear helmets, fasten seat belts, have a shovel, hatchet, first aid box, spare parts, tools, lubricants, goggles, have foot wear covering whole feet to meet safety requirements.

The is the third time this rally is being held, and promises to become a yearly event.

Update: The rally results can be seen here.

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  1. Ko,Ao Any body from Khi off road club is coming or not.If yes plz cordinate with me as i wana join the team as well.I will be coming all the way from Isb through motorway lahore/let me know if any body from Isb or Lhr is also coming as I am all alone so i can make a canvoy.You know Willys Makes its own Way.See u in the desert.I dare all the Nissan Patrols & land Crusiers

  2. i wanna to go in desert rally but i dont know the procedure i m from islamabad

    fahd plz help us we are two friends

  3. You will have to contact TDCP for details. There is a link above in the article to their contact details.

  4. I don’t have any photos, and there don’t seem to be any photos online of the event. Try contacting Geo and Hum tv for footage of the event.

  5. hi,

    i want to be a part of rally but i dont know details if some one read this plz mail me when rally starts

  6. hi friends,

    I m Tayyab from Karachi.I m dewana 4×4.plze help us i m going to next desert rally race. my email is ……

  7. hi friends,

    I m Tayyab from Karachi.I m dewana 4×4.plze help us i m going to next desert rally race. my email is ……

  8. Assalamoalaikum’any body pls help me about any modification & truck i should have 92hilux4×4 (frontrearplates)or96hilux4×4(rearplates)

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