Day 6: Islamabad

Shopping: Covered Market, Jinnah Supermarket, Aabpara, Blue Area.

Restaurants: Pappasallis, Kabul Tikka, Hot Spot, and Bakery.

29th June 2000


I woke up at about 8:00 in the morning, and drove to the petrol pump where I had the Prado serviced on my last trip. I got there quite early as the serice boys hadn’t even arrived yet. I had to wait a little while but they were soon there and work was underway. They washed the exterior and undercarriage, vacuumed the interior, and changed the oil. Taimur and boys also arrived soon, there vehicles undergoing a similar routine. Each vehicle was cleaned inside out and it looked new by the time the boys were finished with it. Imad was not happy with the CJ-7’s braking and the rear brakes were readjusted at the mechanic’s shop next door.

Islamabad was overcast and cool and a light drizzle began as I drove off to pick the girls up for their shopping trip. It had rained yesterday in the afternoon till 6:00 in the evening just before we drove into the city. We were told that the weather had been hot the past few weeks before the rain. Maybe this was a good omen for the weather ahead. The good weather allowed the women to comfortably explore the Islamabad shopping centers, picking up supplies and souveniers. I bought some movie CD’s and went window-shopping with Susan and Patricia. Dinner was at the local Tikka shop.

Our stay at the Shalimar guesthouse, or the ‘Cockroach Motel’ as it was termed later, would be very eventful. Everyone complained of the poor service and the dirty linen, etc. The constant traffic of dubious looking characters through the place did little to ease our concerns.

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