Day 35: Sukkur to Karachi

Sukkur, Khairpur, Kot Diji, Kandiaro, Moro, Hala, Hyderabad, and Karachi.

28th July 2000


Leaving Sukkur for Karachi there was a feeling of sadness in me. It was the last day of our trip and I am never happy with the thought of returning to the daily routine of the city. The temperature was forty-six degrees it was going to be a hot day as we drive back towards the coast. By the time we were on the road it was afternoon. The date palms on the roadside grip your attention because for miles the only thing you see are yellow dates hanging from the trees in large bunches. The donkey carts and the tractor trolleys are all loaded with this yellow fruit of the desert. The Kot Diji fort catches your eye as you drive on the national highway, It stands on a limestone outcrop, and built in 1803 it reminds you of the rich heritage of our country. The drive through Hala and Hyderabad is on the old national highway, which has not changed much in the recent past.

The road condition improves after Hala and the Hyderabad to Karachi part of the road is in good condition. We reached Hyderabad at eight thirty and waited for Hamid but there was no sign of him.. The motor way to Karachi is a dual carriage way and in good shape. The lights of Sohrab Goth greet you as Karachi comes into view the hustle and bustle of this city is so characteristic even this late at night. The mileage on the odometer showed 13284 we have driven almost 6740 km across the country and enjoyed every bit of it. The outside temperature reads forty degrees, as we come onto the main Sharah–e–Faisal in Karachi. The Labradors greeted us with great vigor as I stepped out of the vehicle when we reached home. The unpacking and the sorting of the luggage and the trip equipment took two days before everything was tucked away, ready for the next trip.


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