Day 33: Lahore to Multan

Lahore, Pattoki, Okara, Sahiwal, Mian Chunu, Khanewal, Multan.

Odometer: 131095, 26th July 2000


The mileage leaving Lahore was 131095 on the odometer almost 5000 km on the road, the temperature was 41 degrees, and it was extremely hot for that time of day. The national highway is the main artery of the country connecting all the major cities of southern Punjab, and leading on to Sind. We were on the main road at eleven in the morning, many parts of the motorway are under construction and the condition of the road is not very good, it will soon be a duel carriage way and traveling up and down the country will be much easier. We crossed Pattoki and Okara to reach Sahiwal in good time. Driving on this stretch of the road parallel to the railway track on the right brings back memories of the past when we would drive to Karachi in our summer holidays in the 69 VW beetle, which is still with me, the rumbling noise of the tires is no more though, the Landcruiser is very silent as it skims the road.

Sahiwal to Khanewal the road improves and then to Multan is an easy drive. The flat plains of the Punjab are cultivated and fields of grain are visible for miles on end on both sides of the road. We reached Multan in the evening and drove up to the Holiday inn. The Management remembered us from the year before and were very helpful. The boys went straight towards the swimming pool while we had dinner in the lounge. The rooms were comfortable but the air-conditioning was poor.

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