Day 28: Islamabad

21 July 2000


I had already planned that I would have the 4×4 serviced early in the morning as it was in real need of having the gunk of the past few weeks washed off and the joints greased. The Caltex pump next to the rest house had already been informed that a few would be coming in the morning and that they should not over book for that day. I was the first to drive in, the service boys were ready and waiting. It took them a good two hours to wash the gunk off the vehicle. I polished the interior and the engine, all of us are rather finicky when it comes to our vehicles and this constructive competition is very healthy for their up keep as they are maintained at their best. Taimur was next to arrive, then Imad, Khalid and Abid came in last. Hamid walked in late. The vehicles were serviced by three-o clock in the afternoon and looked clean and fresh. The women wanted to go shopping in the afternoon. Our first stop was the Jinnah super and the next Super market both the shopping centers have antique shops, which the women love. Taimur and Sheheryar sat on the footpath as they watched a football match being played by the locals in the park, while sipping hot coffee from the bakery. It was a lot of fun as we cheered the goals. Dinner was planned for the evening and we drove up to the local barbecue restaurant, the weather suddenly changed as we parked our vehicles. The musty smell of rain was in the air yet there were no cloud visible. We ordered our food and were enjoying the barbecued chicken and parathas, just as we finished the heavens broke loose and it poured down with thunder. There was a commotion in the restaurant and everyone ran for cover. Most of the barbecue restaurants serve food out in the garden and with unpredictable weather like this the party is disrupted. While driving back to the rest house the rain stopped. For us Karachiets rain was a pleasant change.

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