Day 13: Gilgit

Rest. Jeep Service and Repair, Shopping. Stocking up for Kunjerab,

6th July 2000


The men were up early in the morning as the vehicles were in need of repairs, each one has something or the other to sort out. Taimur had already left by the time Hamid got ready. We left for the mechanics by 10 am. I remembered from the last trip when Rizwan’s Potohar needed repairs that there were many auto workshops on the main road leading to the main shopping center. The P.S.O. petrol pump is opposite the workshop, a small side street leads in from the main road to the mechanics. He took a good look at the broken cable and had it replaced in an hour to the cost of Rs. 300. Taimur had to have his right front end of the chassis welded as it had a crack, which was propagating and worrying him that it was increasing in size. The boys CJ had to have the rear rack welded as it was rattling again and would ultimately shear off if it was not properly secured this time. They were parked discreetly hidden amongst the rubble and grease of the mechanics garage. The rack had been repaired and it was being painted when we saw them. Imad was painting the rack black with the spray paint that he had rooted out from the spare part shop, the jeep, has to look good you see.

I was in search of a spare tire as the left rear tire was causing me some concern. The thread on the sidewall was showing signs of wear and the steel wires had punctured through. The tire shop on the way to the Serena hotel had new equipment and was my only chance. The landcruiser runs on 16-inch wheels, which are rare and tires to fit the rim size are therefore difficult to find. The spare tire shop had only one to offer and I did not have a choice, a Bridgestone Desert Dueler that was second hand but in good tread. I bought it for Rs 3500.

That evening we went to the Serena hotel to window shop and then later had dinner at the Chiken Karahi shop in the main city bazaar. The food was good and we all had our fill.

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