Wazir Ahmed

Pappu Saheb and his WW-II Jeep!

Member Profile: Intrepid traveller, fearless offroader, from the old school of outdoor adventure, the eldest member of the group,   

Jeep: 1942 Ford GPW  WWII vintage Jeep

Engine: Toyota 2C engine

Purchased: A few decades ago.

Gearbox: Original Ford gearbox

Axles: Original

Tires: Military tyres

Other Specs: Nearly unstoppable


Photo credit – Imad AliVehicle #2: 1986 Toyota RKR Land Cruiser

Engine: 3B 4 cylinder diesel

Transmission: H55F 5-speed manual

Tires: General 7×16 MT on steelies

Other specs: Soft top with fold down windshield and rear barn doors.

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  1. Wazir Saheb we were once at ITTI for settlement of its dues with HBL. Iftikhar Saheb was also with us he gave me his tele phone number and e-mail I.D. and stated that I can contact him at Canada at any time for any help regarding anything. I just want to contact with him for admission of my neiece at there. Would you help me for contacting Iftikhar Saheb. Want to know his Tele No.

    Anees from Habib Bank

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